Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Dislike of Hateful People

Okay so that may sound a bit hypocritical of me in the title, but I really dont like how many hateful and criticizing people there are in this world.  Just looking through my facebook newsfeed theres so many people criticizing people.  For example, just because you have a fancy camera, doesnt mean you can upload your blurry pictures to facebook and call that photography.  PLEASE SHUT UP AND STOP BEING SUCH A RUDE LITTLE BITCH.  Seriously, that person might just be getting into photography and so what if their pictures arent the best, you have not reason to bag on them. OH.  And I could go on forever about how much it annoys me when people are like OMG STOP BEING A BITCH.  Okay.  Usually the people saying this are bitches.  Im just going to shut up now and go play piano. GR.

-Angry Emma Newt Bean